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Nov 2020 – Jan 2022

Gazebo Apartments is a multi-storey residential strata complex located in Elizabeth Bay NSW, consisting of two buildings with 159 lots and features a unique 18 storey cylindrical design. It opened in May 1969 and is now a heritage listed building.

The Gazebo’s combination of curved columns and balconies, the decorative summit and the materials such as white marble aggregate finish and pre-cast panels gave the building its original aesthetic appeal.

In its heyday, the Gazebo saw its share of well-known local and international guests and was used as a setting for film and television productions. The Gazebo ceased operating as a hotel in the late 1990’s and in 2005, its conversion to apartments was complete.

The aim of the project was to recapture the building’s architectural character via a complete renewal of the external façade of the building, in-keeping with the heritage requirements of the site.

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